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You Need To Read This If You Want To Start An Online Business And Succeed

Online business is the future of the business world, in fact, almost all businesses now have an online presence and research has proven that businesses that have huge online presence make more sales and progress more than businesses that operate only offline.

 As an entrepreneur I have come to understand that to succeed in an online business, you must develop a passion for the business you want to do and additionally you must learn and be prepared to continue learning. 

I want to talk about the businesses you can start online and what you need to understand if you ever wish to start an online business and succeed.

If you want to know the businesses you can start online and make serious money then read below;

Businesses You Can Start Online And Make Money

Mini Importation

This is the core of the online business, well according to my experience this is one of the best if not the best online business you can start with little capital and make so much money.  Mini importation or eCommerce means importing goods in little quantity from manufacturing countries like China, India, the USA, etc., and selling them online or offline.  This is the easiest means of having your shopping business up and running.  The unique thing about this business is that you do not need a physical shop to start and you do not need a huge capital. 

I started my mini importation business with less than N10,000 and today, it is my major source of income and has given me over N5,000,000.00.  Don’t be startled, there are many people that have made over  10 of that amount.  It is all about consistency and constant learning, your ability to communicate with your customers is one of the key factors that determine your success.  If you need more information on mini importation then READ HERE.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one business you should not ignore because of its flexibility and the fact that you need only your phone, social media account, website (optional) and data access.  That is all you need to start the business, additionally, you need to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and be ready to work hard. Affiliate marketing is simply advertising goods and services for companies that are offering affiliate programs and in turn, get paid on commission once sales are being made through your link.  It is that simple.  There are many channels you can use to advertise their products, you can use social media platforms and even Whatsapp to advertise.  

This is one business you do not need to spend much to join, just search for companies offering affiliate marketing program and join. If this business interests you the READ FULL INFORMATION HERE.


I really recommend everyone should own a blog, we are gradually getting to a point where people will sell every bit of information and knowledge they have, yes just watch out in a few years.  You should own a blog, spend a few dollars to buy domain name and hosting then get it set up and start writing resourceful articles or talk about what you know then there are many ways to make money from your blog which I will talk about in my next post, but to read more about blogging and how to start a blog then READ HERE

VTU Business

Many people are rejecting this business idea because of how fraudulent people are but truth be told this is one of the many legitimate businesses you should not avoid for anything.  It is very simple to understand when you recharge your phone or make payments of bills like DSTV etc., you pay a certain percentage to banks for services charge, now if you are a VTU agent, you make the same amount of money the banks are making and the income is passive.  Companies like Recharge And Get Paid are one of the best ones to use, READ FULL INFORMATION HERE.

There are many other businesses you can start online and make much money but I feel like talking on these 3 because they are my sure bet and I have personally made money from them. Let us hear your views via comment and you can reach me if you need further mentoring.

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