Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
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Online Business For Students: How To Start An Online Business As A Student

Online Business For Students: I want to talk about online business for students because of the difficult economic situation in Nigeria. Many students are languishing in lack and poverty, they struggle to feed while in school and to make matters worse most of them drop out as a result of no money to pay school fees and feed them.

As a student, you need money to finance your stay in school and thank God for this present generation, there are many legitimate ways of making monies and seeing yourself through school without even asking your parents, relations or friends for money.

Understand that though these businesses may not require huge capital, a lot of effort is required of you in other to grow the businesses to something very big.

Which Online Business can I do as a Student?

1. Mini Importation

This is one business you can start with N5,000 as a student and in a few months, you can boast of over 100k in your business if you pay attention to the guidance and put in some hard work. As long as you have a working smartphone, a Facebook account with a good number of friends then you are ready to go.

There are many products you can buy and sell online, you need to create a Facebook business page to enable you to display your goods. You may ask, what goods will I buy for N5,000 and make huge money. Let me shock you, do you know that anti-aging creams are sold as low as N300 in China? 10 pcs of them will be N3,000 and you keep the remaining N2,000 for shipping and clearing.

Many people sell these creams at N4,000 each. Do the math yourself and believe me that is what is going on. You just need to have a good Chinese agent that will help you buy goods and send them to you in China and in such cases, I always recommend Pebdaily.

The only thing you must avoid if you want this business to grow is debt, however, if you are selling online, you do not need worry because it is a zero debt business. Read more on Mini Importation Here

2. Affiliate Marketing

Take it or leave it many students are making money through affiliate marketing. You just need the right information and off you go. This type of online business for students does not require any capital at all except maybe data for internet access. All you need is to browse for websites that offer affiliate programs and then apply to market their products or services for them, you get paid some percentage when someone makes an order through your link.

The business is straight forward and it becomes fun when you have done it for a while because there are no limits to how many companies you can become their affiliate marketer. There is a certain young man that has a business mall online where he only deals on affiliate marketing for businesses and he is reportedly making over $2,000 monthly. You too can make it but like I said earlier you need to learn the basics and you can learn it HERE

3. Writing For Opera News Hub

This is a new platform and it is so far paying a lot, The opera news hub is a platform that allows writers to earn money through writing. You can write about anything and submit, they publish for you and show it to their over 100million users and you get paid by the clicks and comments you get for each post. You are permitted to post a maximum of 5 articles or news daily.

You do not need to advertise the posts yourself though if you do it is an added advantage but it is not a must, your posts will still be read and you earn.

Many young folks and students are testifying to this and are making from 30,000 up monthly. You can do it too. Learn more here

I do not want to add blogging because the stress of starting a blog as a student is much, forget about the juicy stories you see online. These days to get Google Adsense approval is not easy and you must steadily grow your audience before you can start earning and if you wish to earn fast then you must spend money on adverts, so blogging is not an online business for students.

Forget the stories you hear, I am telling you out of the experience and not because I want traffic. Even freelancing is not as easy as you hear, you will spend some monies to buy reviews to promote your account to a point you can receive jobs.

These 3 points are the sure online business for students that requires very little or no capital to start. Let us hear your views via comments.

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