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Legitimate Online Businesses in Nigeria You Can Start with little capital

Legitimate online businesses in Nigeria: Yes you heard me, there are legitimate online businesses in Nigeria you can start with little or no capital requirement and you will make a huge amount of money. The economy of our country is very difficult and the best thing is to make money from sources not like government work or depending on people, you need to make your own money even if it starts small, it will grow if you are serious.

All you need is hard work and consistency, I am not talking about money doubling scheme please or any Ponzi scheme. I am talking about businesses you can start and grow them slowly to become an empire.

If you are a serious person and you are sincere in your approaches then read below and learn, I wish you good luck and if you have any question please comment below and I will help as many people as possible.

Legitimate online businesses in Nigeria you can start with little or no capital;

Mini Importation

This business is one business I can stake my life for, it is a business that is booming today and it is a business for the future. Let no one deceive you, the online world will rule the offline world very soon and businesses that operate online will record more success than offline.

Mini importation is simply the business of importing goods in little quantity from manufacturing countries like China and selling them online, there are various things you need to learn but I must say here that I started this business 5 years ago with N6,000 and today my business has grown and I have established myself financially and if I lie God bears me witness.

There are many things to sell online, you need to understand some basic things and you can start your own business without depending on your uncle or friends to help you. If this business interests you, then READ FULL GUIDE ON MINI IMPORTATION HERE

Affiliate Marketing

This is one business you can start without any capital requirement as long as you have a working phone. Affiliate marketing simply means advertising goods for companies offering affiliate programs and in turn, get paid commissions when an order is made through you. It is very simple and straight forward and I must confess I have made a fortune out of it, there was a time online sales was in a halt for few months and I made over $1,000 from Affiliate marketing. There are companies offering affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria like Jumia, Jiji, Konga, etc. You just need to post the products on your social media handles and even share on WhatsApp and if anyone buys any of the goods through your post then you make money.

Imagine advertising a new phone of N60,000 and someone orders it through your link, you make at least N10,000 that day depending on the commission percentage. Read full Information Here


Can you write? If your answer is YES then stop wasting your time, rush now and register with freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork then get hired to write for companies and individuals worldwide and make hundreds of dollars weekly. Freelancing means you offer your services to companies and individuals online and get paid hugely.

There are no limits to how much you can make and there are no limits to how many jobs you receive. I make nothing less than $100 weekly through freelancing and that’s even because I don’t have the time to receive jobs. Read full information here

These three online businesses are sure ways of making money without stress, stop dying in disbelief, take a step because like it or not many young people are making legitimate monies online and it pays far better than even bank jobs.

If you have an interest then comment below and I will answer any question you ask and guide as many people as possible. I know it is quite difficult to find sincere people who willingly want to help people in Nigeria but take it or leave it, I will help as many people as possible because the market is big and even if 1 million people did these businesses I will still be making my money.

Comment below if you have questions and I will give you the best answers. Let’s help each other to grow.

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