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how to write SEO articles

How To Write SEO Articles

How To Write SEO Articles – SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization and the definition is simple, according to Wikipedia; Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic/visitors and the purchase of paid placement.

Now, many people have asked questions that beg for answers like;

What is SEO and how it works?

What SEO means?

How do you do SEO marketing?

You Must Understand SEO in writing

Now, SEO is search engine optimization and like the above explanation, it is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by optimizing a website and web pages for higher visibility on the web search engine.  When you do SEO on your website, you give it a chance of appearing on search engines and increase traffic to your website.

You help the search engines understand what your site is all about during crawling.  This will help the bots to bring out your website or webpage as search results on relevant queries which in turn increases page views (traffic) to your site and higher ranking.  SEO is the future of blogging and website marketing, you have to understand how to optimize your website for higher search ranking.

SEO in writing is the type of writing that will help your site appear more to search engines once queries are being made. It is a way of optimizing your website and web pages for higher search appearance and in turn, get a higher ranking. 

To write an SEO article, you have to first understand the use of keywords. 

You Must Use SEO Keyword

SEO keywords are the keywords that will help search engine to better understand your what your page is all about and make it easy and possible for your site to be found on search engines.  We have short and long-tail keywords. 

For example, if you want to write about “Insurance In Nigeria”, you can take “insurance” as your keyword or even take “Insurance in Nigeria” as your keyword.  It is usually better to use long-tail keywords because it will increase your possibility of ranking higher on search engines.

You have to understand the term LSI

Make Use Of LSI keyword

LSI is a short form of latent semantic indexing.  It is the relating words that surround a particular keyword.  For example, if you are writing about Insurance, the relating or LSI keywords are likely to be; car insurance, car accident, fire, health insurance, etc.  If you are writing about a car, the LSI will supposedly be driver, tire, fuel, wheel, passenger, etc.

The more LSI keywords you inject in your posts, the more chances of higher ranking your post will have.  This means that if you are writing about a car, you have to talk about words like fuel, wheel, driver, etc.  These terms help the search engine to better understand your posts and helps in higher ranking.

Understand the Use Of Headings

Head tags are subheadings that help the search engine to better understand what a post is all about.  A good SEO article must have specified headings like H2, H3, H4, etc., which will also help the reader not to get confused. 

In short I always say that SEO writing is simply the act of writing a comprehensive and well worded post that will educate or inform the reader perfectly thereby providing the most accurate answer without the need for further search by the reader.

To write an SEO article you must be specific about your keyword, make a proper research and find a suitable keyword for your post.  Start your post with your keyword and carefully take your time to explain and define it for a better understanding. 

Ensure that your post has a good percentage of readability score and avoid too much long sentences, make proper use of punctuations when needed.  A good SEO writer provides answers, most search engines prefer contents that provides straight answers that will ensure the reader does not do another search of the same question after reading the post so try to provide answers as much as you can.

These are the few tips I am giving and will make more posts on this. Let us hear you via comment.

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