Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
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How To Use LSI Keywords In Your Post For Higher Ranking

LSI is a short form for Latent Semantic Indexing and it is the core of SEO writing.  Sadly many SEO experts do not understand the usefulness of LSI and they end up writing articles that will not rank high on search engines.

I will try to explain this in a simple form for your understanding, LSI is simply the words relating to certain keywords. For example, if you are writing on a keyword like “Smartphone Usage”.  You are likely to find LSI keywords like charger, phone case, Whatsapp, android, etc.

Those are the words relating to Smartphone and the idea is that there is no way you claim to be providing answers to questions relating to smartphones that you will not likely have these words in the article. 

Some bloggers tried manipulating the search engines by injecting high ranking keywords in their articles and ranking very high on search engine but the quality of their contents was low and this resulted in a bad user experience, the introduction of LSI is a way of encouraging quality contents and ensuring that high ranking posts are not ranking by mistake but by merit.

As a good SEO writer, you must understand and make proper and effective use of LSI keywords, sprinkle them accurately on your article and ensure you are not just writing but writing to provide answers.

It is always advisable to write about things you know or take time to research and read about topics you wish to write about properly before you start writing so as to help you produce quality articles.

LSI keywords can greatly help your post rank very high on search engines and additionally helps your post not just to rank on a specific keyword but on multiple keywords.

For example, if you are writing about smartphones, as you sprinkle and talk about words like WhatsApp, phone chargers, Phone Casing, Android, Google Play Store, etc., your post is also likely to rank high on these words.  If a user makes a search on those LSI keywords, your page is likely to also rank depending on how you optimized the post. 

It is very important to understand the role LSI keywords play on SEO writing and properly sprinkle them when necessary.

Combine LSI Keywords In Your Description

You cannot underestimate the usefulness of a good meta description in search engine. ranking.  If you include LSI keywords in your meta description, your post stands a super better chance of ranking so high on the search engine. Include them accurately and properly. Search engine like Google gives more priority to meta description and this will largely help your website and post to rank higher.

Write Down At least 10 LSI Keywords On Your Post

If you want your post to rank higher than your competitors, write down at least 10 LSI keywords relating to your major keyword. Then take time to explain and talk about these LSI keywords in your post, a post with at least 10 LSI keywords stands a greater chance of ranking high on the search engines.

Try Explaining Some LSI Keywords

What this means is that your content should be very explanative, you can only achieve this when you spend time to explain some of the LSI keywords in your post. Like the example given above, you briefly explain Whatsapp, Google Play Store, Phone Chargers, etc., this alone will make your post to be very rich and not just that, the post has the tendency of ranking high on other relating keywords.

If you want your posts to rank very higher on search engines please really take your time to learn LSI keywords and how to use them properly. 

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