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mini importation business in Nigeria

How To Succeed In Mini Importation In Nigeria 2020 – Complete Guide

Many people have gone into the business of mini importation with the sole aim of profit-making, sadly about 70% have failed and withdrawn while about 15% are still struggling with little profit.  The remaining 15% are probably the ones making a huge profit.

This article will clearly educate you on the steps you should take if you desire to succeed on mini importation without much stress.  Bear in mind that no business succeeds without hard work and consistency so do not just expect to make millions without many efforts, that’s not possible but if you pay attention and take the business seriously.  You will surely make it and it can become your main source of income.

There are many questions that seek answers and I will attempt to answer them accurately with regards to mini importation.

How profitable is mini importation business in Nigeria?

How can I start a mini importation business in Nigeria?

What is mini importation business?

How do I start importing goods from China?

What Is Mini Importation Business?

Mini Importation business is a business you import goods in little quantity from China and sell them in online or offline sometimes without the need for a physical shop, many sellers do not have a shop, they keep their goods at home and send them to courier companies to deliver to them anytime customers make an order.

How Profitable Is Mini Importation Business In Nigeria?

Mini importation is a very lucrative business that requires you importing goods in little quantity from manufacturing companies like China and selling them online or offline.  Mini importation business in Nigeria is a very profitable business because you are the one that decides your profit margin and there are no regulated prices for goods, this means that the seller has the liberty of deciding the profit margin.  However, you do not have to make your products so expenses because you need loyal customers and one way of building a good customer base is through selling affordable goods and transparency. 

I started my mini importation business with very small capital.  But after a few weeks, I had around N80,000 from sales and that was enough to import many goods and keep making profits.  It is very profitable, for example, you can buy goods of N500 each and decide to sell them at N4,000.  Yes, though alarming this is possible.  Everything depends on packaging and how you present your goods to your customers.

Have it at the back of your mind that you need to be well worded and understand the product you are selling very well to be able to present to your customers.  Nigerian customers are very inquisitive I always say and you must try your best to have enough information about your product.

Sometimes it is always advisable to buy the product and test first before selling them so as to have a personal experience and know what to tell your customers. 

You must understand the fact that you are not the only seller and there are many more sellers out there so strive always to be different, unique and professional as possible.

How Can I Start A Mini Importation Business In Nigeria?

To start a mini importation business in Nigeria is not a very difficult thing. You have to first the business you want to venture into, make proper research of goods you want to import and sell.  Ensure to buy my eBook on Mini Importation.  I have revealed many secrets that will surely help you succeed; the short eBook is a product of my 6 years experience on mini importation. 

You need a smartphone and Whatsapp App installed, then install Aliexpress to help you get pictures of products you wish to import.  The most important thing now is to get a reliable Chinese agent that will help you buy goods directly from China and I recommend Pebdaily.  They are a reliable company based in Hong Kong and the use of cheap shipping companies to send goods to Nigeria.

You need to create a customized Facebook page to help you showcase your goods to the online world.  You need to spend time and optimize your page so your customers understand what you are really selling.

How Do I Start Importing Goods From China?

You need to get a reliable Chinese agent that can help you buy goods directly from factories in China.  There are many agents but I will always recommend Pebdaily because I have used them for years and they remain consistent.  After getting a reliable Chinese agent, you now make a budget of goods you wish to import, I will always advise you to start little.  Buy a little quantity and check the quality first before ordering in large quantities. 

Another reason I advise you to buy little quantity is to test run and see if the product will actually sell fast.  Importing goods from China is as simple as this but it is not easy and sometimes you need a coach to actually guide you for months before you can understand and stand on your own. ��?* �

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