Sat. Jan 16th, 2021
affiliate marketing

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Owning A Website

You must have heard and read about affiliate marketing and how affiliate marketing has made many people so rich and probably you may have wished to venture into it but do not have the resources to start.  Well, this post will give you a clue and guide you to success in Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means to advertise goods or services of companies offering affiliate marketing program and get paid on commission once sales have been made.  Each affiliate partner is given a unique link after registration and this is the link they will use to monitor your activities, each affiliate marketer also has a dashboard where he or she will monitor his/her performance and know when someone has made payment for goods through his/her own link.

One of the easiest ways to make money through affiliate marketing is to own a website and advertise those goods or services there, but what happens if you do not have a website? You can still make millions through affiliate marketing without a website.

affiliate marketing
Digital marketing is the future.

Through Social Media Platform

Yes, you heard me. I know many friends that are making monies through affiliate marketing by advertising goods and services of companies offering affiliate marketing programs through their Facebook account.  They simply choose certain products, get full information on them and put them up as posts then share in groups and they still make so much money. 

You can even create a Facebook page and post as a business, then set up a well-optimized Facebook Ads and get hundreds of sales without the need for a website.  This is one of the less stressful and easiest ways of making much money through affiliate marketing without a website.  In fact, most often people who use this method make more sales than some website owners. 

Ensure to join Facebook groups with a large number of members and be active, join groups that are relevant to what you want to advertise. I mean for example if you joined the Jumia affiliate program and you wish to advertise Phones, you should join groups on Facebook that are relevant to phones and maybe entertainment.  Try as much as possible to active in these groups by joining conversations so as not to look like you are spamming when you post your product.

Also when you are active in the group, you are likely to earn people’s trust and loyalty. You can even invite them to like your Page and that’s one of the ways to grow loyal clients. 

If you really have dreams of making money on affiliate marketing then Facebook should be your starting point as well as your center of focus because of the platform’s flexibility and large audience.

You can also open a twitter account or use your existing Twitter account then post the products there.  Though you may not really get as many clients on twitter as you will get on Facebook but it is a plus to your business.

Develop Huge Whatsapp Contacts

This is one area of getting serious sales that most sellers do not know and as such, they can’t explore the huge opportunity is offers.  If many people knew the efficiency of Whatsapp in sales then many would have seized the opportunity. 

Try as much as possible to convert each potential client on Facebook and Twitter to WhatsApp contact. What I mean is that you should get them to save your contact on their phones and you also save their contact, you can be uploading things on your Whatsapp status and occasionally send group messages to all your contacts. This has proven so effective and you may wish to try it out yourself.

Use Email Contacts

You can send customized email messages to your email contacts about the products and make sales, One of the easiest ways to have lots of email addresses is to search from your phone contacts.  Read how to do this and you will get more clients by sending them emails on the products.

There are many other ways but I decided to write on these 3 ways because I have personally tested them and they are so effective.   One good thing about online business is that there is always room to improvise.  Do not limit yourself to these 3 options, think outside the box and perhaps you may find many better options to make money on affiliate marketing without a website completely free.

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