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Optimize Your Website for SEO

Best Ways to Optimize Your Website for SEO and high ranking

Optimize Your Website for SEO: Optimizing your website for SEO is one key thing you must do as a blogger because take it or leave it, SEO is the future of blogging.  Google is after the quality and your website’s performance in search engines especially Google is greatly determined by the quality of your site which involves quality content, site optimization, etc.

This post will concentrate on how you can optimize your website for higher ranking and SEO.

First of all, let us discuss SEO.

What is SEO

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.  This means optimizing your site for search engines, making your website search engine friendly and helping search engines understand your website contents and purpose. 

Now let us not dwell much on the meaning of SEO, let us discuss how you can optimize your website for SEO

As a blogger, you should start your site SEO from scratch. Site optimization is all about using relevant keywords to help search engines understand your site better and it will greatly help your site ranking. Avoid using shortcuts and focus on building your site SEO for a while, it will surely pay off in due time.

To give your site a better chance of ranking high on search engines you must understand the usage of keywords and LSI.

LSI is a short word for Latern semantic index and it means relating words to a keyword, what this means is words that relate or are relevant to a particular keyword. Read more about LSI here.

Understanding these things will help your site ranking in a huge way and your posts will have no problem ranking higher in search engines.

Use Proper Keywords for your Website Tagline

Yes, you heard it right, make use of proper keywords relevant to your niche on your website description.  What this means is that you should make proper keyword research on your website niche then make use of them in your website description.

For example, you have a website for Auto Insurance, you need to use specific keywords in your website description. If your website is hosted on WordPress, simply navigate to appearance, see below;

Optimize Your Website for SEO

It will open the customizing window, click on site Identity, then insert the keywords into the Tagline.

In this case, you can put “Auto Insurance/Car Insurance home”. That is a good tagline.

Install A Good SEO Plugin

This is a very important aspect of how to Optimize Your Website for SEO. You need a good SEO plugin and I will strongly recommend Yoast SEO. It is one of the best SEO plugins you can use. To install Yoast SEO, simply click plugin in your WordPress dashboard, then click Add New. Search for Yoast SEO in the search window below

Optimize Your Website for SEO

After installing the plugin, activate it. Then go to SEO in your dashboard and click Search Appearance as below;

Optimize Your Website for SEO

It will open a window to put your site SEO Title and Meta Description

Put your site title, then on the Meta Description use proper keywords to best describe your site. For example in the case of an Auto Insurance website, you can write something like “Best auto insurance ideas, car insurance companies near you and how to know the best insurance options”.

This is just an example so it is not a standard description so you can decide to use other words but be sure to include relevant keywords in your site description.

Use Relevant Keywords as Image Alt Texts

This is one important aspect of SEO that most people do not know or they take for granted, when using images as featured image on posts, endeavor to use the post keywords as Alt Text for the image, this improves the post and website SEO greatly.

To do this, when you have uploaded the image, do as below;

Optimize Your Website for SEO

This is a very important part of site SEO, endeavor to include Alt Text for images. Follow the instruction as on the image above, use the keyword you have for your article as Alt Text on each image you use on the post.

Set Permalinks to Post Name

This is another very important aspect of onsite SEO, let your post URL have just your website and post name as permalinks and it will help your site somehow in the ranking. See what I mean below;

Follow as written below;

Let all your posts have this URL, it is one of the best SEO approaches. Click on settings, click permalinks and click on Post Name option as seen above.

These are the few things you should do to help your site SEO and to rank higher. If you have any question please make use of the comment section and I will respond promptly.

SEO is a very important aspect of blogging and promoting a website so it should be taken seriously.

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